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  1. Hi,

    We have only been to one of your events some years ago at the Community Centre in Wistaston. It was a memorable night and we met two people who we knew well. Walter Kirkland who I worked with as an apprentice in RR Bentley in the late 50’s, and Don Chalkley who was married to my wife’s cousin Margaret. Sadly they have all departed including my wife only recently. Everyone there was intrigued with the story of how my wife had met George Formby and his wife and had chatted with them. She described him as a lovely, kind, gracious, man and she served them both wit tea and biscuits at the Rolls Royce car repair department where George had taken his Rolls in for work to be done.

    We enjoyed the night so much we intended to go again but never did much to my regret. I am determined now to go again and wonder whether you have a programme for the remainder of the year? I wasn’t aware of your performance in Queens Park so I must have missed a really good one there,

    Best regards,


    • Hi Allan,
      Sorry for my late reply. We meet at 7.30pm on the fourth Friday of each month, at Wistaston Memorial Hall, on Church Lane, Wistaston. The dates are given on the website. You are most welcome to join us – either to listen to the concert or join us as a performer.

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