The concert MC for the evening is Chris White the programme organiser is Terry Roberts.
The concert started with four songs performed by all the players, When I’m cleaning windows, Blackpool Rock, Putting on the Style and Blackpool Bell first artist up was Graham Roberts who performed a Johnny Cash number Wholesome Blues followed by Captain Plonker next up was Peter Sparks who started with Make a Good Living at What and Shine on Harvest Moon next performer was Phil Bowyer with Holiday at Tiddle Hi-Ti Island his second number was Andy the Handy Man next up was Chris White with The Lancashire Toreador and Our Sergeant Major then it was that great singer Mike Hughes who sang She followed by Yesterday When I was Young to finish the first it was Peter Van Hoffman telling his stories now time for tea and biscuits.
To start the second half was Terry Roberts with his wife Brenda they performed a Everley Brothers song called Dream followed by a Jim Reeves number I Love You Because they were followed by Colin Wood and Chris White with Mr Woo’s a Window Cleaner Now, then Peter Sparks Back on the Farm and Home When Shadows Fall it was now the turn of That happy go lucky chappie Phil Bowyer who performed Le Manga and a Joe Brown song I’LL See You in my Dreams, then it was Chris White with Blew a Little Blast on my Whistle his second song was Its In the Air, then we had Mike Hughes and Terry Roberts first with a Everley Brothers song Walk Right Back followed by a Cliff Richards song Living Doll next up was Peter Van Hoffman with a Hanalog then to finish the evening all the players came up on stage and performed the War Time Thrash then as always they closed the evening with Leaning on a Lamp-Post.


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